The industrial division has provided intermittent and continuous kilns to many of the prestigious companies in the ceramic industry including Wedgwood, Royal Doulton, Royal Crown Derby, Spode and Royal Worcester. In the main, kilns supplied to industry are normally designed to suit each factory's individual needs, examples of which are illustrated in this section. However, we do have standard designs and capacities which do on occasion fit requirements.

Electrically fired intermittent kilns

  Crusader Range imcExpander

Entry-level kilns for pilot plant and small production units

  • Big Brother to the Falcon Easiload range
  • Designed for pilot industrial process or the larger production studio
  • 3 styles available
  • Multizone control standard

The Crusader kilns are the entry level of our substantial range, being ideal standard kilns for pilot and small production units. Capacities commence at 30 cu ft to 106 cu ft for the Easi-Load range and from 30 cu ft to 146 cu ft for classic shuttle and moving hood designs.

We offer 3 basic designs:

  • Easi-Load
  • Moving hood
  • Classic shuttle

The classic shuttle kiln has the option of a door at each end for flexibility and fast change-over time. Each of these designs is available with a maximum design temperature of either 1300ºC or 1350ºC.

All versions have the following standard features:
  • Two maximum design temperatures - 1300ºC or 1350ºC
  • Highly efficient low thermal refractory insulation brick lining
  • Elements configured and controlled in multizone dependent on chamber capacity
  • TCS1 16 bit microprocessor programme controller
  • Fully compliant electrical door interlocks
  • Chamber capacities 850 litres to 4 cubic metres
  • Spiral wound elements fitted to sidewalls, rearwall, door and hearth (truck)
  • Automatic temperature controlled top dampers
  • Kiln lining over temperature protection circuit
Microprocessor Controller TCS1, controlling
  • Temperature curve
  • Element zones
  • Top ventilation damper(s)
  • Kiln over-temperature protection


  • Low thermal fibre lining designs
  • Kiln furniture sets
  • Additional cars, transfer car rails for truck kiln design
  • Exhaust canopy and ducting
  • Commissioning service

More Details

Classic Truck Kiln Style

Crusader Range

Easi-Load Style

  Moving Hood Kilns imcExpander

Electrically fired moving hood kilns having the distinct advantage of non-movement of kiln furniture or ware, dramatically reducing the risk of high rejects from kiln dust when firing glazed and decorated ware. Our standard electrically-fired kilns are supplied with 2 fixed bases with the hood movement being powered via electric geared motors either driving in tandem at one end on the smaller capacity kilns or by motors driving in tandem at both ends on the larger capacity kiln. Additional fixed bases can be supplied as optional extra equipment.

Control is achieved by 16-bit microprocessor programme controllers with elements configured into multi-zones to give accurate temperature distribution throughout the payload.

One of 3 bed kilns giving 271 cu ft (7.6 cu metre) capacity complete with ventilation system for bone china glost production at Crownford China Ltd

Moving Hood Kilns

185 cu ft (5.25 cubic metre) capacity kiln complete with multizone control steam injection and ventilation system to fire on-glaze/in-glaze decoration installed at Spode Ltd, Stoke-on-Trent

  Classic Truck Kilns imcExpander

Class single car truck kiln complete with transfer system, storage trackage and exhaust system firing once-fired giftware at Wades Pottery, Stoke-on-Trent. Ware capacity is 139 cubic feet (4 cubic metres).

High temperature 1550ºC maximum design temperature classic single car shuttle kiln for technical ceramics with a ware setting capacity of 12 cu ft.

Classic Truck Kilns

2 x 364 cu ft (10.3 cu metre) capacity kilns with a door at either end, transferways and a return trackage system to give a continuous circuit of kiln cars firing glost tiles at H & R Johnson.




All of our gas kilns benefit from low Nox burners, with excellent turn down ratios. All gas equipment fully compliant with CE and UK gas regulations. The control systems are designed to suit the customers specific requirements.

Natural gas fired fibre-lined moving hood kiln complete with automatic reduction system firing 2nd fire felspatic porcelain to 1380ºC under oxidising/reducing and neutral atmosphere conditions during 1 cycle. Ware setting capacity 212 cu ft (6 cu metres).


Custom-built gas kilns

This kiln was specifically designed to suit the client's requirements to cassette-load biscuit-fired hotelware via a purpose-designed fork-lift.

Incorporated within the design is 98% convoluted low thermal fibre lining, a hydraulic lift single door, 3 zones of burner control and automatic oxygen and chamber pressure control via our TCM2 16-bit microprocessor control unit.

200 cu ft (5.6 cu metre) ware capacity 1300ºC single car classic shuttle kiln.

Supplied to Bridgewater Pottery complete with 2 car transfer system, storage tracks and exhaust canopy for firing earthenware biscuit and glost tableware.

530 cu ft/ 15 cu metres ware capacity kiln firing on LPG


High temperature kilns


Designed for processing high alumina technical ceramics to meet the clients specific and exacting firing requirements.

Design features:

  • 1850°C refractory insulation brick lining to the hot face
  • Composite secondary insulation
  • Air gap between the main structural steel and the outer casing to give a “cool wall” outer surface
  • 3 burner banks mounted in the vertical plane
  • Burners configured to fire via combustion lanes down each side and the centre of the ware setting
  • Rear flue mounted recuperator provided preheated combustion air
  • Preheated combustion air delivered to the burners via lagged stainless steel air manifolds
  • Kiln supplied complete with 2 kilns cars, transfer car, track system and control panel

High temperature truck kiln, product fired is technical ceramics


Fast firing

  Enterprise Fast-Fire Glost Continuous kilns imcExpander

Maximum design temperature 1200ºC

A single deck, self-contained, fully automated mini tunnel kiln designed for one-man operation and capable of firing glostware, in-glaze and on-glaze decoration. The kilns are designed in sectional form for ease of installation and come complete with kiln cars and kiln car deck batts.

The desire to minimise biscuit and/or glost stock stimulated the development of the enterprise kiln which affords maximum flexibility of operation. Fast heat-up time allows the kiln to be fired during an 8 hour working day and either closed down overnight or run at very low temperature. Alternatively it can be fired 24 hours a day for 5 or 7 days per week.

Enterprise Fast-Fire Glost Continuous kilns  
  Deco belt kiln imcExpander

Maximum design temperature 1000ºC

The alternative solution to electric firing of on-glaze decoration, this model of belt kiln fires happily on either natural gas or LPG giving a different slant on the fast firing of on-glaze decoration of ware. This is particularly of interest where electrical supplies are minimum or subject to interruption. In these circumstances, these kilns would only require a small generator to run the combustion air fan and control system.

Alternatively, the deco belt kiln can be supplied in an electrically fixed version with zone control depending on the length of kiln required.

Deco belt kiln

Deco-belt kiln

  Rodec Rotary Decorating Kilns imcExpander

2 Maximum design temperatures, 900ºC and 1300ºC

  • These compact kilns are ideal for the small factory firing volume either for on-glaze (maximum design temperature 900ºC) or in-glaze (maximum design temperature 1300ºC) decorated items.
  • In-to-out firing times as little as 20 minutes can be achieved on such items as on-glaze gold-banded bone china, with a general schedule between 30 and 50 minutes for bone china. Earthenware and in-glaze decoration schedules vary depending on ware thickness and the type of ware being processed.
  • All 900ºC kilns are fitted with inconel sheathed elements while the 1300ºC kilns are fitted with spiral-wound elements supported on porcelain tubes across the top of the chamber.
  • All kilns have fibre linings and variable speed load platform, zone control on individual heating zones and fan-assisted cooling at the exit aperture.





Model No Diameter Width Height Power
72/9 1830mm 225mm 125mm 24 kw
72/18 1830mm 450mm 225mm 72 kw
96/24 2440mm 610mm 225mm 110 kw

Non-standard sizes can be designed to suit individual factory requirements.

Rodec Rotary Decorating Kilns

Rotary kiln

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