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Welcome to Kilns & Furnaces Ltd

Explore our range of in stock kilns including the EcoKiln, Phoenix, Falcon, and CU range of kilns. Available for delivery. Click the image and contact us to purchase your next kiln.

We have been offering complete kiln & furnace solutions for over half a century. We’re proud to say that our products can be found operating in countries the world over, which is testament to both our products and our continual evolution as a company.
Over the years, our product range has grown and developed in line with the latest technological innovations to meet the ever-changing demands of the industry. As well our staple products and services that have helped cement our reputation as the UK’s premier kiln and furnace supplier, our range now encompasses the following:

  • Pottery kilns and equipment
  • Glass kilns
  • High Tech Ceramic kilns
  • Metal heat treatment furnaces
  • Dental furnaces
  • Many specialist heat treatment processes

Sustainability, Versatility & Innovation
Versatility and innovation are the keystones of our business, along with a sustained policy of continuous improvement. Whilst the basic methods and processes behind our craft have remained unchanged for years, we now combine the wealth of in-depth knowledge we have accumulated over the years with the very latest in Computer Aided Design to ensure we stay at the forefront of kiln and furnace manufacturing.

Perfection through Dedication
Every member of our valued team is passionate about striving for perfection. They dedicate their time to producing first class equipment that has to meet a myriad of different requirements; requirements which are dictated by the wide and growing range of clients we now serve, across both newly burgeoning and age-old industries.

Seal of Quality
The Kilns & Furnaces symbol can be found all around the world. People working within our family of industries know it as hallmark of quality. It symbolised an unwavering commitment to customer care and client-focused innovation.

Our Business is Driven by You
Our customers are at the heart of what we do. We will gladly answer any of your questions regarding any of our products and services, so please get in touch with your queries, comments, suggestions or feedback.

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