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Case Study: Influx NHS Project

20th April 2021 | Case Study


In April 2020, the UK was experiencing the effects of the first peak of the coronavirus pandemic. Many manufacturers and businesses pulled together and began to produce life-saving equipment for the NHS. The sharp increase in hospital admissions caused a strain on the NHS and they quickly hit capacity. Life-saving equipment, including ventilators, was in short supply.


Influx, a glass tube flowmeter manufacturer in Hampshire, contacted Kilns & Furnaces in April 2020. They were in need of a kiln to produce glass tubes. The glass tubes created would be used in ventilators. Meaning extra intensive care equipment in hospitals for COVID-19 patients.

‘The kiln helped us process nearly 3500 tubes for the UK ventilator project and is now being used daily for glass in our main product lines.’ -Influx


Kilns and Furnaces supplied Influx with a GARB 12/5 Annealing Kiln with an ST316 controller.

Due to the urgency of the situation, time was key. Delivery was completed within 5 weeks.

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