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Dental Control Systems

Regardless of the size of your order with us, our attitude towards infallible customer service and satisfaction remains the same, which is why we offer a comprehensive after sales service for our range of dental and laboratory furnaces.

All of our engineers are trained in the very same factory where we manufacture our acclaimed furnaces, so they develop a ‘ground-up’ understanding of the machinery at every level of the production process. As standard, we also keep a healthy supply of spare components, all of which we will strive to dispatch within 24 hours of your order.

We can also arrange maintenance programmes on a contractual basis catered specifically to your company, based on how regularly you use your furnaces and what you use them for. Finally, in order to ensure a healthy production line and keep your business flowing, we are happy to offer a technical helpline for advice on how to set up and run any furnace system you purchase through us.