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Glass Kilns

Just like our ceramic kilns, each glass kiln we design is focussed on research and requirement, which is why you’ll find them at the heart of several multi-national glass product manufacturers. By tailoring each kiln specifically to the needs of the industry it serves, we are able to deliver the highest quality technology at the most cost-effective price. This also means that we are able to offer a range of products, catering for the individual glass worker, to larger international glass working corporations.
With 29 models to choose from, including flat-bed kilns, top loading kilns and front-loading kilns, ours is the most expansive range of glass kilns currently available on the market. This is why we are confident we can meet and exceed all of your individual requirements. The kilns we offer are specifically engineered for kiln-formed glass applications including fusing, lustering, casting and decorating.
A large proportion of our kilns can be operated using a single phase electrical supply, up to and including 40 amps. We also have a ‘plug and go’ range, specifically designed for smaller businesses, which runs on 13 amp domestic electricity supplies.
If you don’t find a glass kiln that suits your exact requirements below, don’t settle for a different product, get in touch with one of our dedicated team members today to discuss our bespoke design and production service.

Fusing & Slumping

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  • Glass Casting

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    • GC – Top Loading Glass Kilns

      The GC line offers heavy gauge cladding as standard with castor wheels to enhance mobility, making transporting and setting your glass kiln easier than ever before. They also come complete …

  • Glass Melting

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    • Glass Melting Pot Furnaces

      The Kilns & Furnaces Ltd. ethos rests at the centre of every glass furnace we manufacture, which means they represent our commitment to longevity and practicality. We also pride ourselves …

  • Glass Blowing

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    • Glass Blowing Glory Hole

      When glass blowing on an industrial scale, you need a system that offers complete control and efficiency without limiting options and stability. The Kilns & Furnaces Glass-Blowing Glory Hole model …

  • Annealing

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    • GARB 12/5 Glass Annealing Kiln

      After having fired and cast your glass, it must be properly cooled over a period of time using the correct equipment in order to avoid structural weakness. The Garb 12/5 …

  • Stained Glass Kilns

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    • SG55/3 & CU2SP

      Our range of stained glass kilns cater specifically to those who manufacture in smaller batches, but require additional control over the firing process, allowing for the highest quality stained glass …