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Falcon Range

The Falcon range sets a high precedent for innovative kiln technology. They feature a high quality insulation system that minimises heat loss, a choice of digital control systems, and our premium models can be fitted with additional heating elements to afford greater control over the firing process.

Based on the “Falcon” design we also have a range of kilns available which are designed for installation and use where space is at a premium. Please refer to our STUDIO SECTION.


  • 4 Sizes available to operate on a domestic 40amp supply
  • Front loading for ease of placing ware
  • Maximum design temperature – 1300 °c
  • Free standing stove enamel paint finish
  • Highly thermally efficient construction
  • High grade spiral wound elements fitted to sidewall and base
  • Uk compliant electro mechanical door interlock system
  • Over temperature kiln lining protection
  • Ventilation cooling port
  • Instrument socket to accept all controllers in our range
  • Kiln furniture sets
  • Choice of ST215C or ST535C digital control system. View Controllers
  • Castor wheels for ease of maintenance
  • Non-standard capacities available
  • Mains connection cable
  • Safety devices i.e.heatlock arrangement and automatic temperature controlled top ventilation/cooling damper
  • Special element design for decoration firing to top temperature 1050°c
  • Installation service including training
KILN DETAILS electrical details
Type Capacity Firing Chamber Overall Dimensions Weight Power Supply
Litres / Cu ft Width (mm/in) Depth (mm/in) Height (mm/in) Width (mm/in) Depth (mm/in) Height (mm/in) kg KW 220v/230v 380v/400v
FL3.1.50 53/1.87 380mm 15” 300mm 12” 460mm 18” 636mm 25.25” 864mm 34” 1245mm 49” 177kg/391lb 4.50 25A -
FL3.1.65 66/2.34 380mm 15” 380mm 15” 460mm 18” 636mm 25.25” 864mm 34” 1245mm 49” 178kg/393lb 4.80 25A 16A
FL3.1.80 79/2.81 380mm 15” 460mm 18” 460mm 18” 636mm 25.25” 864mm 34” 1245mm 49” 245kg/541lb 8.50 40A 20A
FL3.120 122/4.31 460mm 18” 460mm 18” 580mm 23” 715mm 28.25” 1016mm 40” 1372mm 54” 245kg/541lb 8.50 40A 20A