Flat Bed Glass Kiln

FB Flat Bed Glass kilns – Maximum Temperature 1050°c

We have specifically adapted our globally popular product lines to cater to the expanding glass production industry, and as such, our range of top loading, flat bed and front loading glass kilns benefit from over 60 years of experience in the design and manufacture industry.

Our GF, FB and Falcon ranges are particularly suited to high temperature glass working, including fusing materials and setting over pre-cast moulds (slumping). As standard, each kiln offers a high level of versatility and choice, coming with a range of digital controllers which give you, the industry professional, a higher level of control over the firing process. On request, we are also capable of adapting our Falcon Compact and Easi-Load models to suit your individual requirements.

  • Maximum design temperature - 1050°C
  • Spiral wound elements mounted on porcelain tubes running from side to side providing excellent top heat
  • Bed formed from hard wearing low thermal mass insulating brickwork
  • Height of bed from floor – 610mm making an ideal loading weight
  • Lift up section, gas strut assisted opening and closing
  • Shelf fitted as standard
  • Choice of 4 digital control systems supplied for glass firing
  • Type ‘K’ thermocouple
  • Ventilation/viewing ports
kiln details electrical details
Type Firing Chamber Overall Dimensions Power Supply
Width (mm/in) Depth (mm/in) Height (mm/in) Width (mm/in) Depth (mm/in) Height (mm/in) KW 220/230v 380v/400v
GF75FB 500mm/(20”) 500mm/(20”) 270mm/(10½) 900mm (36”) 890mm (35”) 1070mm (42”) 6 30A -
GF250FB 1000mm/(39”) 500mm/(20”) 270mm/(10½”) 1400mm (55”) 890 mm (35”) 1070mm (42”) 9 50A -
GF350FB 1000mm /(39”) 750mm/(30”) 270mm/(10½”) 1400mm (55”) 1150mm (45”) 1070mm (42”) 11 63A 25A
GF500FB 1000mm/(39”) 1000mm/(39”) 270mm/(10½) 1400mm (55”) 1400mm (55”) 1070mm (42”) 12 63A 25A
GF1500FB 2000mm/(79”) 1000mm/(39”) 350mm/(14”) 2800mm (110”) 1400mm (55”) 1200mm (47”) 22 - 40A