Fixed Gradient Kilns

Fixed Gradient Kilns – models TG9F and TG9FW

Fixed Gradient Kilns

The standard brick lined bench mounting electrically operated type TG9 or TG9FW version (with an increased chamber width), both have a maximum operating temperature of 1300°C. A muffled chamber protects graded heating elements that provide a temperature differential over 9 points of around 180°C i.e. approximately 20/25°C between each temperature reference point.

A total of nine thermocouples are located 50mm apart with variable height adjustment to suit test piece sizes. The temperature of the samples can be checked at any time during the firing on the programme controller.

The TG9F and TG9FW share the same high specification.



  • Gold and colours of different frits can be compared
  • Underglaze prints on a glaze body trial strip can be evaluated and/or compared
  • Assessments of metal release can be obtained and plotted on a graph
  • Vitrification curves can be assessed
  • Fusibility of flux pellets can be checked
  • Maximum design temperature 1300°C
  • Fixed gradient
  • 9 samples fired at one time
  • Trial plates for samples
  • 20/25°C between each reference point
  • TCS2/TCM2 Microtech programme controller
  • Stove Enamel Finish
  • Bench mounting
  • Ideal for clay, glaze and colour trials
  • Maximum temperature 1300ºC
  • Muffle width 200mm
  • Muffle depth 460mm
  • Muffle height 50mm
  • Power 5.5 kw 230/220v 1ph 50 Hz
  • Maximum temperature 1300ºC
  • Muffle width 65mm
  • Muffle depth 460mm
  • Muffle height 50mm
  • Power 3kw 230/220v 1ph 50Hz
  • Chart recorder
  • Stand