GARB 12/5 Glass Annealing Kiln - Kilns & Furnaces

GARB 12/5 Glass Annealing Kiln

After having fired and cast your glass, it must be properly cooled over a period of time using the correct equipment in order to avoid structural weakness.

The Garb 12/5 model boasts enhanced customisability, and has a tried and tested industry reputation for producing high quality, structurally sound glass products. Each annealing kiln we manufacture can be fitted to your exact requirements, with a full or split door opening system, and five work trays included as standard.

  • Maximum Temperature: 700°C
  • Supply required: 380/400/415 volts 3 phase & neutral
  • Loading: 16 KW
  • Internal Dimensions Width: 610mm (24”)
  • Internal Dimensions Depth: 760mm (30”)
  • Internal Dimensions Height: 760mm (30”)
  • External Dimensions Width: 970mm (38”)
  • External Dimensions Depth: 1220mm (48”)
  • External Dimensions Height: 1650mm (65”)
  • Choice of controller from microtech control system range digital control system. View Controllers
  • Free standing unit fabricated from folded steel section with two doors (top and bottom), hinged from the left hand upright. Alternatively – 1 single door
  • The cabinet is lined with a combination of low thermal mass and high quality insulating brickwork
  • 12 Inconel sheathed element supports through the roof, terminating in top connection
  • As the heating elements are mineral insulated sheathed, an electrical door interlock is not required
  • One mains operated contactor, secondary circuit fuse and control system socket are housed in the lower connection chamber
  • A tray supporting frame is secured to each side wall, fabricated in rectangular box section and mild steel angles. Five tray levels are provided, set approximately 15cm (6”) apart All five trays provided are constructed in mild steel, and angle flat section with the work supporting area in mild steel mesh 
  • 590mm (23”) wide x 760mm (30”) deep x 40mm (1 ½”) high Alternative sizes and designs can be supplied to suit requirements.
  • Alternative sizes and designs can be supplies to suit requirements