Glass Melting Pot Furnaces - Kilns & Furnaces

Glass Melting Pot Furnaces

The Kilns & Furnaces Ltd. ethos rests at the centre of every glass furnace we manufacture, which means they represent our commitment to longevity and practicality.

We also pride ourselves on the level of choice available to our clients; our glass melting furnaces come 2 sizes and can be fuelled by either LPG or natural gas, and offer unparalleled control over the temperature of the firing process.

  • Maximum design temperature – 1450 °C
  • 2 models available – Single Pot 50kg capacity, Double Pot – 100 kg capacity
  • Gas fired with automatic controlled burner systems
  • TCS2 microprocessor temperature control
  • Heavy duty insulation brick lining
  • Fuel Natural Glass or LPG
  • Electricity supply – 3 phase/neutral
  • Side sliding door(s)
  • Spare crucibles
  • Exhaust canopies
  • Commissioning service