KF 55 - Kilns & Furnaces

KF 55

The KF 55 is a 100mm, 4” Vertical Pugmill with the capacity to handle all types of clays.

The main body is manufactured from aluminium, and the auger is made up of individual alloy blades, which can be altered to change their configurations to suit different types of clay.

It is fitted with a Safety Interlock switch, eliminating the need for a Grid Loading Hopper, making it easy to use.

The Pugmill is supplied with a separate nose cone that is pre-drilled to facilitate the fitting of different die plates for coil building etc.

  • Output – 700Kg per hour approx.
  • Drive – 1.5 Hp
  • Dimension 760mm width
  • Dimension 760mm length
  • Dimension 2300mm height
  • Weight 300Kg approximately