KG 31 Power Wheel

The KG 31 lends itself to either studio or home use; although it’s compact and robust design makes it additionally ideal for the educational environment.

The Power Wheel has been constructed of aluminium and steel. In effect the wheel will withstand hard usage and eliminate the constant need for care and attention.

The seat is foam filled simulated leather and is fully adjustable for height.

The wheel is controlled via the remote foot pedal that can be pre-set to maintain speed of the Wheelhead, also enabling the teacher to control the wheel for the student from a comfortable position.

The wheel is fitted with a reverse switch to enable the wheel head to rotate clockwise for turning or for the left-handed thrower.

  • Motor – ½ Hp
  • Electricity Supply – 220/240 Volts, AC supply, 1 phase, 50Hz
  • Dimensions 450mm wide
  • Dimensions 1120mm long
  • Dimensions 580mm high
  • Weight 64Kg approximately