KG 34 Bailey Wheel - Kilns & Furnaces

KG 34 Bailey Wheel

The Bailey wheel offers the studio and professional potter a wheel of unparalleled performance and versatility in a compact and user friendly design. It has been designed to complement a European style of throwing with the wheel head set at a greater height than most wheels of this style allowing a more comfortable throwing position. The wheel is powered by a super smooth 1/2hp drive that is controlled by a computer enhanced VF drive that due to its unique design can generate up to the peak equivalent of 1Hp under heavy loads, this enables the wheel to give constant smooth power throughout the speed range and is extremely quiet in operation.

  • Motor – ½ Hp
  • Electricity Supply – 220/240 Volts, AC supply, 1 phase, 50Hz
  • Dimensions 470mm wide
  • Dimensions 630mm long
  • Dimensions 680mm high
  • Weight 40Kg approximately