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Kiln Cages


Why do I need a Kiln Cage

The Health and Safety Executive recommends in studios to which the public are admitted, or schools where children may go near, that whilst in operation there is a need for a protective barrier, e.g. a metal cage – this is recommended for any kiln with accessible hot surfaces. This gives peace of mind that only authorised personnel can access whilst in operation.


Why Kilns and Furnaces Cages?

K&F kiln cages are made from steel angle with profiled side sheets and then powder coated for sturdiness.


Personalise your Kiln Cage

With a wide range of colours and designs available why not make your studio stand out with a personailed kiln cage that not only makes it safer to operate but also pleasing to the eye…


How do I get my Kilns and Furnace cage

Kiln cages are manufactured to customers specifications, and we can provide a site survey and quotation on request. Contact us above to find out more…