SG55/3 & CU2SP - Kilns & Furnaces

SG55/3 & CU2SP

Our range of stained glass kilns cater specifically to those who manufacture in smaller batches, but require additional control over the firing process, allowing for the highest quality stained glass products on the market.

Whether you require a free standing or bench mountable kiln, our products represent the peak of the industry in terms of design, build quality and innovation. As with the rest of our products the focus remains on your needs as a business, so both the SG55/3 and CU2 SP models offer a wealth of customisable options including choice of door configurations and multiple digital control devices.

We are also happy to build bespoke stained glass kilns designed to suit your exact requirements in terms of measurements and output loads.

  • Free standing steel cabinet
  • 3 independent chambers
  • Top pre heat chamber
  • Door configuration – double or single as standard
  • Centre heating chamber
  • Bottom cooling/storage chamber
  • Heating chamber dimensions 21” wide x 15” deep x 10”” high (nominal)
  • Heating chamber with centre pivot side opening door
  • 6 trays supplied
  • Power rating 9kw
  • Power supply 50 amps-220/230v 1 ph or 25 Amps 380/400v 3ph/N
  • Bench mounting
  • Pressed steel cabinet
  • Top pre heat chamber
  • Main heating chamber
  • Heating chamber dimensions 12” x 12” deep x 4” high (nominal)
  • 2 work trays supplied
  • Power rating 3kw
  • Power supply 220/230v 1 ph
  • Choice of Digital control system
  • Additional trays
  • Choice of alternative microtech control system