Need an element for your Kiln?

2nd November 2021 | Servicing Kilns

Kilns and Furnaces manufactures spiral wound heating elements in-house as replacements made exactly to the original element design. We can also produce elements to fit other manufacturer’s kilns. Our element winding team has over 100 years of knowledge and experience between each member. They’re...

Introducing the CU Labtech Kiln

19th October 2021 | Uncategorized

Introducing our CU Labtech Kiln. Ideal for our industrial grade clients, enabling them to test fire without needing a large kiln. The Labtech is a front loading test kiln constructed of a low thermal mass insulation brick with a high grade backup insulation board enclosed within an electrostatic powder...

Falcon Range: the best selling kiln for the education sector

12th October 2021 | Kilns & Furnaces Updates

The Falcon Range is the benchmark kiln for the education sector. Developed specifically to address the needs of various education establishments, from small schools to industry leading colleges and universities. The Falcon Range of kilns are manufactured in-house enabling us to control product consistency...

Thermal process equipment and solutions

6th October 2021 | Uncategorized

Kilns & Furnaces specialise in the design, manufacture, and servicing of industrial electrically heated or gas fired kilns and furnaces for heat-treatment, annealing, tempering, and preheating. Our keen knowledge of the heat treatment industry has helped us develop solutions that answer the needs...
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Having a Home Kiln- Things to consider beforehand

20th July 2021 | Hobbyist

Investing in a home-kiln is exciting. However, this decision should be considered carefully, with thought and planning. Our trained team of technicians can help with any questions or queries you may have. But before you decide on a kiln, there are a few things to consider.   Access  Before anything...

Meet our new Operations Manager, Jeremy

15th July 2021 | Kilns & Furnaces Updates

Kilns & Furnaces are excited to welcome our new Operations Manager Jeremy Cross. With over 35 years of industry experience, he has great ambitions for growing the brand internationally.   We asked Jeremy a few questions about his experience, knowledge, and future plans for Kilns & Furnaces.   What...

Case Study: London Northwestern Railway

30th June 2021 | Case Study

Our latest project was all about preserving British history. Kilns & Furnaces provided a furnace to make parts for 3 locomotives. Sherwood Forester, Britannia, and Braunton. The furnace heated the white metals used to create wheel bearings. These wheel bearings now sit on 3 old steam locomotives.   The...
John Fenn

Artist Series- John Fenn from Liverpool Bay Hotshop

3rd June 2021 | Artist Series

International artists select Kilns & Furnaces to provide them with quality equipment for their studios. In this artist series, we’ll be sharing profiles of some of our artists, so that you can see how they use our kilns to create unique work. John Fenn set up Liverpool Bay Hotshop in 2020. He...
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Stay Home and Keep Creating

11th May 2021 | Hobbyist

Many hobbyist potters have enjoyed the extra time to be creative over the past 12 months. Using the opportunities the past year has presented to spend more time doing what they love at home. The Great Pottery Throwdown has also catapulted the popularity of the hobby, showing just how accessible it is....

Case Study: Influx NHS Project

20th April 2021 | Case Study

In April 2020, the UK was experiencing the effects of the first peak of the coronavirus pandemic. Many manufacturers and businesses pulled together and began to produce life-saving equipment for the NHS. The sharp increase in hospital admissions caused a strain on the NHS and they quickly hit capacity....