EcoKiln by Kilns & Furnaces: Energy-Efficient Kiln for Hobbyist Potters


Discover the EcoKiln: The Energy-Efficient Kiln for Hobbyists and Craft Potters

9th August 2023 | News

Looking to enhance your pottery experience with an energy-efficient and cost-effective kiln? Look no further than Kilns & Furnaces’ EcoKiln. Designed to cater to hobbyists, school, and craft potters, this top-loading kiln operates seamlessly with a standard 13A plug socket, making it a versatile choice for domestic use.

Specifications and Durability

Let’s dive into the EcoKiln 46’s specifications and durability. Its triple-layer insulation, featuring lightweight high-density insulation brick, ceramic fiber board, and microporous board, ensures optimal energy efficiency. The kiln boasts a triple-layer floor and lid insulation, coupled with a double gas-sprung lid, all contributing to its remarkable energy efficiency and user-friendly design.

Notably, the EcoKiln 46 is equipped with A1 grade elements designed for longevity, offering a maximum firing temperature of 1320°C (Cone 11). Its safety features include an interlocking key and spring mechanism on the door, preventing potential damage. The lid is further secured with a padlock, establishing it as one of the safest top-loading kilns available. To safeguard the electrical components, the element connections and power circuitry are thoughtfully separated to maximise heat protection.

Durability is a defining aspect of the EcoKiln 46, featuring a sturdy steel skeleton-based frame and a brushed stainless-steel chamber and lid wrap. The kiln’s durability is complemented by the inclusion of the removable Stafford ST215C controller. Boasting 32 fully adjustable programs, each with 32 segments, this controller offers a range of features, including overheat protection, segment forwarding, 4-day delay start, kiln power usage, and temperature display in Celsius or Fahrenheit.

With internal dimensions of 404mm x 343mm (W x H) and external dimensions of 644mm x 877mm x 771mm (W x D x H), the EcoKiln 46 caters to various pottery needs. The kiln comes with a 24-month manufacturer guarantee on all parts, except for the elements and thermocouple. For more technical specifications, visit our product page.

Additionally, the EcoKiln is available in three sizes: the 46l, the 62l, and the 77l, allowing you to choose the capacity that best suits your creative requirements. This kiln can also be provided with optional x2 350mm (W) x 10mm (H) shelves and sets of 25mm (H), 50mm (H), and 75mm (H) props. Kilns & Furnaces offers an array of optional pottery equipment, including potters’ wheels, pug mills, and spray booths. Furthermore, our commitment extends to fast and reliable spares and service support for all our kilns and furnaces.

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