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Create and Craft with Kilns & Furnaces’ Phoenix Hobby Kiln

6th March 2024 | News

Kilns and Furnaces Phoenix Hobby Kiln. Our best-selling, best value small kiln.

Are you a hobbyist potter looking to improve your craft? As one of our best-selling small kilns, the Phoenix range is designed with safety, usability, and efficiency in mind, making it the ideal choice for entry levels users.


Safety First:

One of the standout features of the Phoenix Kiln is its commitment to safety. Crafted with a square firing chamber for maximum setting density, the Phoenix Kiln ensures efficient use of space while minimizing risks during operation. The electrical lid safety system adds an extra layer of security, reducing the chance of accidents and allowing you to focus on your craft without worry.


All-Round Performance:

With a maximum operating temperature of 1260°C, this kiln is ready to bring your pottery visions to life. The durable low thermal mass brick construction ensures efficiency, while the high-grade back-up insulation and efficient low thermal mass brickwork contribute to its high levels of performance. Like all of our kilns, the Phoenix is equipped with a Type R thermocouple and high-grade spiral wound elements, the Phoenix Kiln also features a lid safety switch compliant with current safety regulations and over-temperature protection. The inclusion of lockable castor wheels and a 13 AMP plug suitable for all UK domestic sockets adds to its user-friendly design, making it easy to set up and use right away.


Versatility Built-In:

The Phoenix Kiln offers more than just safety and efficiency – it provides versatility to cater the specific needs required of your craft. With an instrument socket ready to accept all controllers in our range, you have the option to customize your operating settings. Additionally, Kilns & Furnaces offer optional features such as the ST215C digital control system, and additional kiln furniture allowing you to take full control of your firing process.


In Stock and Available for Delivery:

Our Phoenix Kilns are in stock and available for both UK and International delivery. We understand that a kiln is a vital part of your hobby or business, and we want to ensure that you can fire-up your wares without delay.


Technical Specifications:

Capacity: 38 Litres / Cu ft
Firing Chamber Dimensions: 330mm Diameter x 330mm Height
Overall Dimensions: 490mm Width x 590mm Depth x 675mm Height
Weight: 50 kg
Power Supply: 3 KW, 240V, 13A


Optional Features:

We offer optional features such as the ST215C digital control system and a special element design for low-temperature ceramic applications. Simply contact us to discuss your unique requirements.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to get your hands on a high-quality, great value, entry-level kiln that will fuel your creative journey. Buy direct, contact Kilns & Furnaces today or call us at +44 01782 344270 to secure your very own Phoenix Kiln.