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Pug Mills

Pug mills are used in the pottery industry to mix and knead clay to the desired consistency before shaping it. Our economy range of pug mills is designed for ease of use; they’re engineered to deliver increased mobility and high quality pug at low maintenance and expenditure.

They’re ideal for the studio or classroom setting as they are both light weight and compact. We’ve also taken extra safety precautions to ensure that you can focus on the task at hand, whether that’s producing high quality ceramics or spreading your love of the craft with others.


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  • KF 48

    The KF 48 is a 50mm outlet de-airing Pugmill that can be offered in a range of specifications, and is Ideal for small studio or laboratory use. The standard machine …

  • KF 49 E

    The KF 49E is fitted with a Hopper Safety Grid and Thermal Overload Safety switch

  • KF 50 E

    The KF 50 E is the same design as KF 49 E but has a larger barrel and is fitted with the Thermal Overload Safety Switch.

  • KF 51

    The KF 51 has a 100mm split Aluminium Barrel (to facilitate easy cleaning), with a 50 mm outlet The Auger consists of individually mounted Nylatron blades that can be altered …

  • KF 51 E

    The KF 51 E is fitted with an interlocked Hopper Safety Switch & is extremely easy to load.

  • KF 52

    The KF 52 is a larger version of the KF 51. It has a 150mm barrel with a 75mm outlet. It has individual Alloy Blades mounted on a hexagonal shift

  • KF 52 E

    The KF 52 E is a larger version of the KF 51 E and has the same easy load hopper, fitted with the interlocked Hopper safety Switch.

  • KF 53

    The KF 53 vertical Pugmill has a 150mm split aluminium barrel, with a 75mm outlet with individual Alloy Blades mounted on a hexagonal shaft. As well as offering superior performance …

  • KF 54

    The KF 54 is the largest outlet machine at a 100mm. The Pugmill uses heavy section cast Alloy blades, mounted on a hexagonal shaft of which can be altered in …

  • KF 55

    The KF 55 is a 100mm, 4” Vertical Pugmill with the capacity to handle all types of clays. The main body is manufactured from aluminium, and the auger is made …

  • KF 57

    The KF 57 is a 100m 4” Horizontal Pugmill, and is has the equivalent specifications as the KF 55. The auger is supported by two taper roller thrust bearings. The …

  • KF 76

    The KF 76 is a 75mm outlet de-airing Pugmill is ideal for the School and other Educational establishments The Pugmill can produce plastic clay of a good quality that can …

  • KF 77

    The KF 77 has all the advantages of standard vertical Pugmills, with the added extra of only requiring a minimal amount of space. The incredible advantage of the KF 77 …