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Replacing a Ceramic Fibre Seal

Step 1: Turn Off Your Kiln

Ensure the kiln is completely switched off and disconnected from the power supply.


Step 2: Create a Template

Make a template of the existing ceramic fibre seal shape. This will serve as a guide for cutting the replacement material.


Step 3: Secure the Lid Open

Safely secure the kiln lid in an open position to provide easy access to the ceramic fibre seal.


Step 4: Safety First

Wear a mask and rubber gloves before proceeding to protect yourself from the irritant nature of ceramic fibre. Remember that RCF ceramic fibre is considered a carcinogen.


Step 5: Remove Old Fibre

Using an old long-bladed knife, carefully scrape off the old ceramic fibre seal. Dispose of the old material responsibly.


Step 6: Cut Replacement Strips

Using the template, cut the replacement ceramic fibre strips to match the shape of the original seal. If a mistake is made, there’s usually enough material to cut another piece.


Step 7: Dampen Brickwork and Fibre

Using a garden spray, lightly dampen both the brickwork and the replacement fibre strips. This aids in the adhesion process.


Step 8: Apply Adhesive

Apply a thin, even layer of adhesive quickly onto both the dampened brickwork and the replacement fibre strips.


Step 9: Attach Fibre Piece

Press the cut fibre piece onto the lid, adjusting it for a proper fit. Press firmly to ensure a secure attachment.


Step 10: Check for a Flat Seal

Attempt to close the lid to confirm a good, flat seal. Adjust if necessary. Ideally, the seal should be left to adhere for at least 24 hours before the kiln is fired.


Step 11: Safety Reminder

Remember, ceramic fibre is highly irritant. Exercise caution throughout the process. Opt for body-soluble fibre, a safer alternative to RCF, if available.


Please note: Kilns and Furnaces use only body soluble blanket for their seals.


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CU4 Ceramic Fibre Seal Image