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Selecting a Kiln

Deciding what kiln to invest in is one of the biggest decisions you will make when starting up or expanding a business, and thus should be carefully and extensively thought out. The best way to see a return on any kiln or furnace you invest in is to base the decision not only on your current requirements as a business, but on the amount of wares you plan to produce, and the level of control you require over the firing process.
Our studio kilns are ideal for the small start up ceramics business and cater to the demands of the increasingly popular unique pottery industry. They offer an unrivalled level of control over smaller batches, meaning that you’re not wasting fuel and therefore money, and limiting the risk of faults in your product lines.
Even when it comes to industrial metal, ceramic or glass work, we believe the personal approach is best, which is why we offer a completely bespoke design service. Our team of designers will take care of your requirements, ascertaining what it is you want to produce, in what quantity, and delivering a range of possible solutions before carrying them forward.
Regardless of whether you need a large capacity kiln that offers high fuel economy, or a laboratory furnace that prioritises space efficiency, our team of experienced, dynamic professionals will create a cost effective solution to your specification.


Electrical Supply
Power supply requirements are relative to the capacity of the kiln chamber and the maximum design temperature of the kiln.
Please be aware that the nature of many kilns is such that a domestic power supply is not always sufficient and a 3 phase or uprated supply will be needed. Kilns and Furnaces can supply many kilns, which will operate on a standard domestic circuit. Please feel free to contact us for more information.
How do you want to load the kiln?
This is dictated to a great extent by the size and shape of the piece you will be firing. We offer both top and front loading kilns.

Consider the size of the pieces to be fired, the number of pieces to be fired by cycle and remember to allow capacity for the kiln furniture.

Type of Control System
Kilns are offered with a range of controller options starting from a simple single programme controller if only firing to one temperature, to a multi programme controller if a number of programmes are to be used. We will guide you through any questions you have.