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Dental Furnaces

Our extensive expertise in furnace construction meets cutting-edge innovation and design in our dental furnace range, making it one of the most popular worldwide.

Our flagship ranges, the DF3 and DF4, are currently found in the majority of UK based laboratories because of the unrivalled choice and control they offer the researcher. This is because they are based on revolutionary multi-chamber technology, allowing you to simultaneously heat multiple components at different temperatures in separate chambers. We also have a range of larger furnaces available for those who require more firing capacity at a competitive rate of fuel consumption.

As standard, all of our single chamber dental furnaces are also fully programmable, with a simple, efficient digital user-interface designed specifically to afford the researcher additional choice and customisability.

Dental Furnaces

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  • DF3 Range

    The DF3 range is built on industry-leading multi-chamber technology, meaning you can fire different alloys at a range of temperatures, all at the same time. It maximises return on investment …

  • DF4 Range

    The DF4 range offers the same extensive feature list as the DF3 range, but adds increased versatility with 6 larger individual chambers, and a colour screen micro-processor based programmable control …

  • DF5 Range

    The popular DF5 range represents the best the industry has to offer in terms of efficiency and control, all engineered to fit into a compact, high quality, bench-mountable furnace. As …

  • DF6 Range

    The DF6 range offers choice and flexibility at a budget to suit your needs. We offer a comprehensive range of 8 furnaces in varying sizes from 1.8 to 9 cubic …

  • DF7 Range

    The DF7 range offers the same premium level of choice as our DF6 furnaces, but has been specifically engineered to maximise space efficiency. Each one of our DF7 furnaces is …