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Industrial Kilns & Furnaces

Over the past 50 years we have been fortunate enough to provide specialised, bespoke kilns to a number of international names in the ceramics industry, including Royal Crown Derby, Spode and Royal Worcester. These global brands stake their reputations on the quality of our kilns, which is why you can be confident in our ability to provide specific, dynamic kiln technology that caters to your exact measurement.
Whilst the majority of our industrial kilns are purpose built, specifically designed to suit individual factory requirements, we also have a range of high quality stock kilns that cater to a select set of capacities and specifications.
Our standard procedure is to choose a base model that closely correlates with your specifications, and then work together to create a unique design that fits your exact requirements. We offer a premium range of high temperature and fast firing kilns which offer a quicker firing process at a competitive rate of fuel consumption. These kilns have been extensively redeveloped by our engineers in order to minimise your expenditure after the initial investment.