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Service & Safety

It is essential that all kilns are serviced on a regular basis to ensure that they continue to give the best possible results. Like any other equipment it is important to have kilns checked and serviced by qualified engineers on a regular basis to ensure that they continue to operate and perform in a safe and efficient manner and to avoid a potentially shortened life of the kiln.   Here at Kilns and Furnaces we have a dedicated Service Department which ensures that our kilns give many years of service.

Our Service Engineers operate Nationwide and are fully trained, company approved and CRB checked.

Available Services –

  • Maintenance contracts tailored to suit the number of firings kilns are subjected to in any year
  • Safety audit, report and recommendations
  • A service certificate upon completion
  • Single visits or special rates for when the engineer is in the area
  • Servicing for both our own and other manufacturers kilns (Gas and Electrical)
  • Commissioning service
  • Upgrade of non compliant kilns
  • Kiln removal/relocation
  • Retro fitting of control systems to kilns not equipped with any form of control
  • Design and Install SCADA and datalogging systems
  • Fit heat protection systems including heatlocks, electro dampers and kiln cages
  • Training of kiln operators in the use of kilns, control systems and day to day maintenance

If you would like us to arrange for an engineer to visit you then please either contact our Service Department on 01782 344270 or complete the attached Maintenance Application Form and we will contact you to make the necessary arrangement.


Our Safety Equipment now includes the supply and fitting of Heat Locks, Electro Dampers, Over Temperature kiln lining protection and kiln cages.

    • Temperature Controlled Auto Damper

      Eliminates the necessity to reach across the top of a hot kiln to remove or replace top damper plug (FL 50 to FL 230 models) Automatic temperature controlled ventilation/cooling via an ST or …

    • Damper Sequence

      Open at commencement of cycle Close at user defined temperature during up cycle Damper open at end of firing cycle allowing kilns to cool

    • Heat Lock

      This Heat Protection System was developed by our R&D Department to protect kiln users from excessive heat when opening the kiln door, and comes highly recommended. Prevents kiln door from …

    • Heat and Fume Collection Canopy

      Completes the safety system. Designed for connection into exhaust ductwork to atmosphere.

    • Kiln Cages

        Why do I need a Kiln Cage The Health and Safety Executive recommends in studios to which the public are admitted, or schools where children may go near, that …