Delivery & Installation - Kilns & Furnaces

Delivery & Installation

Standard delivery is with the kiln delivered on a pallet to ground floor external doorway. The kiln will be offloaded from the delivery vehicle.

Non-standard delivery can be provided to offload the kiln and placed into position on a ground floor [no steps], or alternatively on an upper floor via a lift of suitable size and capacity within the building. Our delivery driver would require assistance.

All access points must be of sufficient dimensions to accept the kiln in fully constructed from.

All driveways and access points to ground floor doorway must be level, flat and not of loose construction, ie gravel, loose stonework etc.

When access is a limiting factor we can provide the kiln in split form, or arrange for the kiln to be built on site. The charge for on-site build or split delivery is not included in our list of prices and can only be offered on full receipt of access details.