CU4 - Kilns & Furnaces


The CU range enjoys an enviable position as one of the most widely used bench mounted kilns in the industry. Our smaller CU2 unit is best for jewellery and enamel work, whereas the slightly larger CU4 is more suited to those dealing with small ceramic pieces. Both the CU2 and CU4 kilns we offer are front-loading for ease of use and fitted, as standard, with low thermal mass insulation brick lining.

  • Ideal or carrying out firings of smaller pieces of pottery, jewellery work, body trials etc
  • Simple to operate and maintain
  • Maximum Design Temperature - 1300°C
  • Side opening door
  • Low thermal mass insulation brick lining
  • Top ventilation port and plug
  • Power 3 kw 230v 1 ph
  • Spiral wound elements fitted to chamber sidewalls
  • Electro mechanical door safety interlock
  • Fitted with main cable and plug (plug UK only)
  • Refractory base batt supplied
Kiln Details Electrical Details
Type Capacity Firing Chamber Overall Dimensions Weight Power Supply
Litres / Cu ft Width (mm/in) Depth (mm/in) Height (mm/in) Width (mm/in) Depth (mm/in) Height (mm/in) kg KW 220v 240v
CU4 11/.38 200mm/8” 228mm/9” 250mm/10” 410mm/16" 600mm/24” 650mm/25 ½ “ 48kg/105lb 3.00 16 amp 13 amp