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EcoKiln Range

The Kilns & Furnaces EcoKiln 46 is the latest eco-friendly, energy-efficient pottery kiln that is perfect for hobbyists, schools, and other craft markets. With a firing chamber width of 404mm and height of 343mm, it has a capacity of 46.2 litres and is powered by a 13A plug socket. The kiln is able to maintain a maximum firing temperature of 1320°C . Main features an interlocking key and spring-secured door to prevent damage, and its A1 grade elements are designed for maximum lifespan. It also has a triple-layer insulation system, including lightweight high-density insulation, as well as a triple-layer floor and lid insulation. This ensures that the EcoKiln maintains a consistent temperature throughout the firing process, resulting in even and predictable results every time.

The EcoKiln is available in a 46L, 62L, and 77L capacity. Contact us to discuss which size is best for you.

  • Maximum Operating Temperature - 1320°C
  • For use on a 13 Amp Plug Socket
  • Triple Layer, High Density Insulation
  • Triple Layer Floor and Lid Insulation
  • A1 Grade Spiral Wound Elements
  • R Type Thermo Couple
  • Secured With an Interlocking Key and Padlock Provision
  • Easy to Use Stafford ST215C Digital Controller
  • x4 Large Castor Wheels
  • Gas Strut Lid Support
Type Capacity Firing Chamber Overall Dimensions Weight Power Supply
Litres / Cu ft Diameter (mm/in) Height (mm/in) Width (mm/in) Depth (mm/in) Height (mm/in) kg KW 3.0kW
EcoKiln 46 46.2 404mm 343mm 644mm 877mm 771mm 100kg 3.0kW 13Amp
Kiln Furniture Set (Optional)
Type Shelves Props
EcoKiln 46 2 Pieces - 350mm (D) x 10mm (H) 3 Pieces - 25mm (H) 3 Pieces - 50mm (H) 3 Pieces - 75mm (H)