Glass Blowing Glory Hole - Kilns & Furnaces

Glass Blowing Glory Hole

When glass blowing on an industrial scale, you need a system that offers complete control and efficiency without limiting options and stability. The Kilns & Furnaces Glass-Blowing Glory Hole model is unprecedented in its design, offering microprocessor temperature control and an innovative two door construction that allows for multiple, simultaneous operators.

This free standing furnace also features heavy duty insulation brick lining and, akin to our glass melting furnaces, can be powered by either natural gas or LPG, depending on your specification.

  • Free standing robust steel frame with integral stand
  • Single centre pivot door
  • Internal dimensions 18” diameter x 24” deep
  • Heavy duty insulation brick lining
  • Gas fired with automatic controlled burner system
  • Fuel natural gas or LPG
  • TCS2 microprocessor control system
  • Nozzle mix burner system
  • Electrical supply – 3 phase/neutral
  • Alternative design having a door at each end for use by two operatives
  • Additional centre pivot door
  • Special chamber sizes to order
  • Spare door blocks
  • Side stainless steel heat shield (single door version only)
  • Exhaust canopies
  • Commissioning service