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SUPER HI-FIRE 1700 Electrically Operated Kilns


The robust constructed pressed steel cabinet comprises an upper section to contain the lining/firing chamber and lower section housing all controls. In the upper section the pressed steel door is hinged on the left side with suitable clamping mechanism on the right side. Ventilation panels are situated above the main chamber to allow for heat emission given off by element tails during firing. The lower sections comprise a removable vented panel. The whole kiln suitably sprayed undercoat sealer and high gloss finish.


This comprises a combination of high grade refractory materials to withstand continuous use at 1700°C on the hot face backed by ceramic fibre materials of varying grades to provide for reasonable temperatures on the outside surface when the kiln is firing to its highest temperatures.


Hairpin type “Kanthal Super” elements are suspended from the roof with cold ends passing into a ventilated connection chamber.

Elements interconnected with clamps and plated braids finally linked to terminal posts all interconnected within the control panel.


The standard control equipment comprises a micro processor based digital readout programmer with 2-ramp and 2-dwell functions operating via phase-angle thyristors and a transformer. All this equipment being mounted in the control panel directly below the firing chamber. Alternative control systems quoted against customers requirements.

To avoid an overfire situation a “Policeman” non-indicating type temperature controller is fitted as standard. Thermocouples/compensating leads etc. are all interwired.


A door operated electro-mechanical type interlock is fitted as standard.

Optional Extras

These include alternative types of programme controllers, temperature recorders, etc. Fully illustrated leaflets available on request.

Other sizes quoted against specific enquiries. Super Hi-fire 1800 version also available (please call for details).

Type Placing Area External Dimensions Power
Width (mm/in) Depth (mm/in) Height (mm/in) Width (mm/in) Depth (mm/in) Height (mm/in) KW
KS 324 15cm/6" 23cm/9" 15cm/6" 68cm/27" 86cm/34" 171cm/67" 6.0
KS 1040 20cm/8" 33cm/13" 25cm/10" 72cm/28" 96cm/38" 167cm/66" 9.0
KS 1728 30cm/12" 46cm/18" 20cm/8" 79cm/31" 106cm/42" 170cm/67" 13.0
KS 1872 30cm/12" 33cm/13" 30cm/12" 79cm/31" 90cm/36" 180cm/71" 13.0
KS 2352 36cm/14" 36cm/14" 30cm/12" 88cm/35" 98cm/39" 182cm/72" 16.0
KS 4284 43cm/17" 46cm/18" 36cm/14" 97cm/38" 110cm/44" 187cm/74" 20.0