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Special Application

Building on several decades of dynamic kiln design and manufacture, we have recently been able to diversify our product base, offering a range of high-quality furnaces for applications other than pottery and ceramics. Our furnaces represent our commitment to versatility and customer satisfaction, and as such our ranges include, amongst others, precious metal working furnaces, calcining ovens, Teflon working furnaces and dental laboratory furnaces.

At Kilns & Furnaces Ltd. we have developed an unparalleled reputation for customer satisfaction which is firmly rooted in our bespoke product design service. This is why, as standard, all of our special furnaces are designed to your exact specification. Our experience shows that this is the best way to enable you to get the most from your furnace, which is why we have adapted our business to better accommodate your needs.

When you invest in a furnace with our company, regardless of your choice of model, you’re not only getting a high quality product, you’re getting a friendly and professional service designed to provide maximum productivity at minimal expenditure.

Please get in touch today to begin working together on a cost-effective and high-quality solution to all of your special furnace requirements.