Electric Kilns & Furnaces

HI-FIRE 1550 Electrically Operated Kilns


The bench mounting pressed steel cabinet formed with removable side and top panels, suitably louvered for ventilation purposes. The pressed steel door is hinged on the left side and the whole cabinet sprayed with an undercoat sealer and attractive gloss finish.


This comprises a mixture of vacuum formed ceramic fibre modules and where necessary high grade insulating brickwork for maximum thermal efficiency. A solid refractory insulating brick base is formed to support the work load.


These comprise Silicon Carbide type resting horizontally between the front seal and the rear wall of the kiln. Lead out tubes are used through the rear wall with braids clamping onto the element cold ends, leading to terminal posts in the rear connection chamber.


Micro processor based digital readout ramp programmer works in conjunction with phase-angle thyristors for infinite control of power relative to required firing cycle. To overcome element ageing problems kiloWatts per phase can be checked at any time by observation of an analogue type Wattmeter which operates in conjunction with trimmers via a multi point selector switch. When kilowatts decrease, the trimmers can be adjusted accordingly, taking the power back to the original setting.

To avoid an overfire situation, a “Policeman” non-indicating type temperature controller is fitted as standard. Thermocouples/compensating leads etc. are all interwired at factory.


A door operated electro-mechanical type interlock is fitted as standard.

Optional Extras

These include alternative types of programme controllers, temperature recorders, etc. Fully illustrated leaflets available on request.

Type Placing Area External Dimensions Power
Width (mm/in) Depth (mm/in) Height (mm/in) Width (mm/in) Depth (mm/in) Height (mm/in) KW
SC 144 100 100 230 920 600 810 4
SC 324 150 150 230 920 650 810 5
SC 640 200 200 230 990 680 820 6
SC 972 230 230 300 1020 710 830 9
SC 1296 230 300 300 1020 780 830 11
SC 1728 300 300 300 1080 890 890 12