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Need an element for your Kiln?

2nd November 2021 | Servicing Kilns

Kilns and Furnaces manufactures spiral wound heating elements in-house as replacements made exactly to the original element design. We can also produce elements to fit other manufacturer’s kilns.

Our element winding team has over 100 years of knowledge and experience between each member. They’re all happy to answer your element questions and requirements.

Here are some of the element promises we have in place:

  • 24 Hour dispatch in emergency breakdown situations
  • Spiral wound heating elements to original specification or all kilns manufactured in house
  • Spiral wound heating elements for other manufactures kilns
  • High grade resistance wire
  • Low and high temperature elements non-spiral wound (860 ◦C to 1800 ◦C)

If you need spare parts or want to ask us a question about elements, our team is happy to help! Please email