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Servicing Your Kiln

23rd March 2021 | Servicing Kilns

The Kilns and Furnaces Spares and Servicing Team Van

Buying a kiln is a worthy investment whether you’re a hobbyist or producing work on an industrial level. However, once you’ve purchased your kiln, usage over time will naturally degrade the efficiency of your machine as the components are subject to wear.

Taking care of your kiln is essential to keeping it in the best working order and it doesn’t have to be complicated. Regular servicing adds years to the lifespan of your kiln and enables you to get more out of your investment in the long run.

We recommend scheduling in any services to ensure you minimise downtime on your production line and to factor it into your workflow. A short break in production while we service your kiln will keep your production line working more efficiently in the long run as you shouldn’t have any surprise breakages.

How often should I service my Kiln?

A good practice would be to book in a yearly service as a minimum. If you use your kiln often or on an industrial level then we recommend having more regular services. Keeping on top of maintenance will keep the kiln in the best possible working order. If you leave it too long then there will ultimately be more down time and expense if your kiln needs to be booked in for repair or you need to factor in a replacement.

Can I service my own kiln?

Simply, no. It’s important to have your kiln maintained by qualified engineers so that you can be sure everything has been checked over to the highest standard. Thorough and regular cleaning is needed to help care for your kiln but it is no replacement for regular service check ups.

What is the Kilns & Furnaces process for servicing kilns?

We have a dedicated team of qualified engineers who service kilns nationwide. Thoroughly DBS checked and company approved, we only employ the best to ensure your kilns get the care they deserve. A member of our team will schedule a visit to see your kiln and put it through our rigorous test procedure designed to highlight any maintenance needs.

Is your kiln due for a service? Book one today. Call us on 01782 344270 or email to book a service with one of our qualified engineers today.