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Spares & Controllers

In the unlikely event of a malfunction in your kiln or furnace, the consequences for your production line could be catastrophic, which is why you need the support of a fast and reliable spares and service department.

At Kilns & Furnaces Ltd we don’t just thoroughly train our maintenance team, they work in tandem with our designers, which gives them an in-depth, rounded understanding of each product we install. This means that every operative we dispatch is fully qualified to diagnose and rectify the majority of your kiln and furnace malfunctions, from replacing individual parts to carrying out full refurbishments.

Complimenting this, we also stock a comprehensive range of replacement parts for kilns and furnaces, including electrical components, thermocouples and gas equipment, which we are able to assemble and dispatch in under 24 hours in case of emergency. We can also produce and distribute spiral wound heating elements to fit other manufacturer’s kilns within the same timeframe, relieving the stress of any machinery issues that might crop up.

We understand that the production line is the beating heart of your business, which is why we make it our personal mission to get you back up and running as quickly as possible, so regardless of the size or nature of your issue, please get in touch with one of our engineers today.

Kiln Spares

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  • Kiln Elements

    We offer services to manufacture elements for our kilns and furnaces or provide custom elements for other brands. 24 hour dispatch in emergency breakdown situation Spiral wound heating elements to …

  • Electrical Items

    Contactors, thyristors, rotary switches, door safety interlocks Cables, busbars, brass element connectors, flanged tubes Genuine spare parts for all of our own manufactured kilns

  • Thermocouples

    Complete thermocouples, elements and sheaths

  • Gas Equipment

    Nozzle mix burners Governors, solenoid valves and safety equipment Complete burner systems designed and supplied for industrial and semi-industrial applications

  • Refactories

    We offer a fast and reliable brick cutting service from our manufacturing premises here in Stoke on Trent for anyone who does their own kiln repairs or companies who carry …

  • Control Systems

    Stafford Instruments Bentrup Instruments Multi zone systems Chart recorders Data logging systems Scada systems Retro fitting of control systems to kilns not at present equipped with any form of temperature …

  • Stafford – Microprocessor Temperature Controllers

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