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Stay Home and Keep Creating

11th May 2021 | Hobbyist

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Many hobbyist potters have enjoyed the extra time to be creative over the past 12 months. Using the opportunities the past year has presented to spend more time doing what they love at home. The Great Pottery Throwdown has also catapulted the popularity of the hobby, showing just how accessible it is. That creating bespoke and personalised pieces yourself is great fun for everyone!

We’re continuing to encourage our community to stay at home and keep creating. Using this opportunity to be creative, until the country returns to normal.

Many potters around the UK have found completing their makes at home easier and cheaper. Rather than using others’ equipment.

Here are a few reasons to invest in your own kiln

  • Investing in a kiln now will save you money over time.
  • Having your own equipment also means you are not restricted to times of classes & durations.
  • Creating in your own space means you can create the workspace you like. Whether you have classic or heavy metal playing in the background.
  • The portability of our kilns and wheels means you can move your equipment anywhere you wish (power source permitting).
  • You can fill your kiln with your creations and aren’t limited to space (other than the size of the kiln).
  • There are no restrictions on what you can make, you can be as creative as you want!
  • This kiln will be your own, meaning you are the only one touching handles and are in control of its usage.
  • Our most popular hobbyist kilns are the Hawk and Phoenix, both of which are 13 amp, and are perfect for at-home usage.
  • Our CU range is also great for creating smaller pieces such as jewellery.

If you’re looking for a hobby kiln, these ranges are available now for shipping, meaning you can start creating straight away!

Hawk Range 

  • One of our most popular top-loading kilns for amateurs
  • This kiln prioritises safety, usability, and ease of mobility
  • This kiln comes in 2 sizes- Hawk 25 and Hawk 40
  • Max temperature of 1300°c
  • Over-temperature protection circuit fully compatible with our standard range of controllers

Hawk Kiln


Phoenix Range

  • One of our most popular top-loading kilns for amateurs
  • This kiln prioritises safety and usability
  • This kiln has a square firing chamber for maximum setting density
  • Max temperature 1280°c

Phoenix Kiln


CU2 & CU4 Range 

The CU range includes 2 multi-use kilns that are electrically operated. This range is perfect for bench mounting, with both kilns being front-loading. Great for creating smaller items of pottery, enamel work, and jewellery.


  • Ideal for creating small items
  • Heating elements situated under the base refractory support batt
  • Ideal for processes requiring bottom heat e.g. enamel work
  • Max temp 850°c


  • Ideal for firing smaller pieces of pottery, jewellery & body trials
  • Simple to use and maintain
  • Complies with latest safety regulations
  • Max temp 1300°c

CU4 Kiln


For many amateur potters, having more time to be creative has increased their love of pottery. Yet, it’s difficult to create well-built, beautiful pieces if you don’t have the right pottery equipment. We provide our customers with hobby kilns, best suited to their needs for home use and small-scale projects.

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